If I could show you a printable
evergreen product that millions
of people desperately need 

That you can get for free!

That people will gladly buy from
you for $10, $15 even $30 each!
Again & again & again...

Would I have your attention?

This is a real business that practically runs itself and
 there's no ads, zero shipping and zero inventory!

From the desks of Stuart Turnbull & Bart Hennin:

We are about to reveal to you a fantastic, high profit, downloadable product that practically sells itself (millions of people worldwide need this product every day) and you can get it for free!

This product sells like wildfire year round (with no website needed) for $10 to $30 each!

And, we're going to do something crazy...we're going to reveal exactly what this product is even if you don't buy a thing from us... read on!

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Imagine having your own evergreen product line that instantly solves a problem for millions...is always in very high demand and that you can create in just minutes for free and sell for 100% profit again and again!

People need this product whether the economy is going up or going down (demand peaks during rough times & recessions)

This simple business can make you solid income 24/7 on virtual autopilot with:-

No Website Needed!
No Tech Skills Needed!
No List Needed!
No Inventory!
Nothing to Ship! 
and Potential to scale up fast

And remember these aren't physical products that need to be inventoried and shipped these are digital products that your customer simply downloads and prints out!

Before we reveal the actual product lets look at the incredible advantages of offering downloadable, printable items...

Your orders are fulfilled automatically with no input from you needed! 

You never have to pack or ship anything...ever! 

Your buyer receives their item(s) instantly (immediate gratification!) 

Once created your digital item can be sold over and over without limit! 

You have no inventory to store and zero capital tied up in inventory! 

Being based a long way from your market is no longer a disadvantage! So an Australian or UK seller can compete on a level playing field with US based sellers for example  

Best of all...your digital products can be created at zero cost in just minutes using simple, free online tools! 

Here's the scoop…

The printables you will be offering are simple, specialized templates...that is printables your customer buys, downloads and customizes themselves into unique documents!

There is a huge demand on Etsy (our preferred marketplace because they make it super easy to sell digital products!) for printable templates of all types from party invitation templates to planner templates (menu, meal, workout, day planners etc.) to wedding templates (invitation, seat planner, gift thank you notes etc.)

The list goes on and on but our favorite printable template niche is 

'Resume Templates'

(Known in the UK as CV's)

This market is exploding! Tens of millions of people are desperate for these templates! And they're so simple to create!

(ASIDE: The methods taught in this course can be applied to any of the template niches popular on Etsy).

What is driving this huge demand for resume templates ? 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average worker currently holds ten different jobs before age forty!! and this number is projected to grow!!!

There are always large numbers of people (tens of millions!) looking for a new job. You have... 

Young people looking for that first job!
People looking to re-enter the work force after a hiatus!
Record numbers of people who have been the victims of downsizing, layoffs and corporate bankruptcies and are thus looking for new work!
and of course you have scores more people who are already employed but are looking to move to an alternate employer in search of a better more satisfying or higher paying job 
People are more mobile than ever before! – Young people move on average once every three years often necessitating a new job search. 
Spouses ...When a person gets a “new position” in a new state, town, city, or province, their spouse now needs to look for a new job too!!
Job loss often comes suddenly and unexpectedly and people looking for new work are in a hurry they need to get resumes out into the job market fast!! 
Unexpected Job Opportunities! Even working people come across alternate unexpected job ad opportunities and suddenly need to put together a resume as immediately as possible. A resume template helps them get a high quality resume out ASAP beating out their 'competition'!!
The job market is changing faster than ever before. Gone are the days when one would go to work for one company for a lifetime. Today the average person will hold 12-15 different jobs in their lifetime!

All of the above trends are expected to not only continue into the future but increase making for a continued and increasing high demand for “Resume Templates”. This means the market is non-seasonal (i.e. constant demand year round) and evergreen!

In short, there are always huge numbers of people looking for new employment and those people are often under a time crunch AND want to attain every 'edge' over competing applicants possible. Quality pre-made, instantly downloadable resume templates excellently satisfy BOTH these URGENT desires (and they are incredibly easy to produce and market!) 

Because resume templates have a high perceived value which means conversions are high and the prices people will pay are also high we don't even need to create a large number of Etsy listings to produce numerous high profit sales! Often, just a few listings are all that's required!!

Here's Proof!

This Etsy shop is currently making $198.08 net profit per day - that's $72,299 net profit per year!!

We have been monitoring the performance of this shop for the last 12 months during which time they made 5,924 sales!! (that averages out at 16 sales per day!) and A1RESUME only lists 28 items in their shop!

Here's More Proof!

We've monitored this shop for 12 months too! introDuice has sold 4,155 items in those 12 months averaging out at 11 sales per day.

Their prices range from $13.14 to $36.27 proving again that people are willing to pay premium prices for resume templates!


introDuice has only 38 items listed in their shop!

And Even More Proof!!

Again this shop has a relatively small product range with just 44 items listed - most are priced at $15. They also offer buyers an extended licence priced at $50 enabling professional resume writers and career coaches to use their templates to create resumes for their clients (Hint Hint!)

This shop has sold 14,890 items in the last 12 months which averages 40 items per day...again do the math!

This is another successful shop selling templates priced at $15

This shop has only 25 template designs listed!

Total sales in the last 12 months is 4,684 which is 12 sales per day!

We could go on and on!! But suffice to say... This niche is hot!!!

Inside your course we analyse these shops and show you dollar amounts of what they are making and why! And once you have done the set up work this business practically takes care of itself!!

We take you by the hand & show you step by step how to set up your own shop fast & easy!


Your personal road-map to automated online success! 

This incredible one of a kind multi-media course is super easy to follow & gives you everything you need to succeed! (and then some!)

Your in depth course consists of...

A complete step by step, fully illustrated PDF main guide - we leave no stone unturned! 

A "quick start" cheat sheet guide - gets you started fast with the least amount of effort!

Step by step real time tutorial videos - it's as if I came over to your house and showed you what to do!

Ongoing email support - so you don't ever have to stress out or worry about getting stuck on any step!

Ongoing tips, hints and updates! We don't leave you hanging after the sale like other people do

Plus, you get the best iron clad no risk guarantee in the business! – We take all the risk!! Take up to 60 days to examine your course. If you are unhappy with your course package (for absolutely ANY reason at all) We will give you a full 100% refund no questions asked.

Here’s just SOME of what we cover in this revolutionary new course! 

Why this market is so hot, is expected to grow, and can never be saturated!
What types of resumes to offer that fetch you the biggest profits!
How to create stunning resume templates in just minutes using free tools!... So you can get started fast!
Popular types of niche job resumes you can offer! - You'll be able to target many job markets for added profits!
How to set higher prices and still make lots of sales!
Related products you can offer (or bundle) tremendously increasing your sales & profits!
Where to get professional fonts...free! ...Giving specialized custom fonts to your customers are something they will appreciate (and pay more for!!).
How to set up your free Etsy shop fast and easy, step by step! You'll look super professional!
How to create Etsy listings that convert like crazy! Getting you steady and growing sales & profits!
How to get your listings showing up in Etsy search!... So you get tons of buyers!
How to “brand” your shop so you stand out from other sellers!
And more!!

And this course is super simple to implement!...We include plenty of examples, screen shots, and even tutorial videos so you can get things up and running fast!

Seeing as how this could return you hundreds or even thousands of dollars cash profits per month (and seeing how fast & simple this is to set up…) we could easily charge you $97 for this complete package… But we won't...

And at $47, this would be an absolute steal… But we won’t even ask that…

We won’t even ask you for $37… 

We love ‘action takers’ so for a short time, we are giving away this complete package at the ultra-low price you see below...

You Get Immediate Access  (even if it's 2 am!) 


We don’t “abandon you” after you invest in our course (like so many others do)

In fact…We offer you the best “after sale” support in the business! 

Included with your course, You get…

Free email support!  If you have any questions, just drop us a note.

Free updates & ongoing tips!  We want you to succeed! So, we continue to provide you with ongoing tips, ideas, help, and updates for free!

The best iron clad no risk guarantee in the business! – We take all the risk!!

That's right, you have a full 60 days to review and use your course! If you are not happy, and in fact, thrilled with everything you get, we will happily refund you 100% of your money so you are not out one single penny! 

As You Can See...We Always Deliver Value in Spades!

But Don't Take Our Word For It...

Here's What Real People Have To Say About Our Courses...

consistent profit

Since buying Stuart's package, I have opened an eBay store, an Etsy store, a complimentary website and I am proud to say, I am happily achieving a decent and consistent profit each month.  This is something I can do well into my retirement years.  And I plan on doing just that!  Thank you again Stuart, for sharing your expertise.

Nanette Thorell

New Mexico

regular sales

It took a while, then we made our first sale. Then another, and another. Now we're beginning to see regular sales, world-wide. All along, we keep making new print designs. I have to give Stuart full points- he keeps his promises. By the way, we've emailed him... a lot... for advice, clarification, thoughts and suggestions... he's always given a real answer. Plus updates and new info as it becomes available.

Alan & Monique Broz


it's fun!

All in all, Stuart’s course is probably one of the best online income opportunities I’ve ever found. It’s fun, different, and will not cost you an arm and a leg to get started. Also, every time I have contacted Stuart with a question about something, he has responded right away, and has been a tremendous help. His customer service is impeccable.

Paul Hundrieser


We Often Get Emails Like These....

I must say you rank #1 in the emails I receive from other marketers. In fact, I know you'll have something awesome for me to purchase, yet you are more than willing to extend your hand of help and assistance anytime I've asked. So I consider you not a marketer but more like a good friend who wants to share something awesome with me.

Martha Mayo


I've purchased most of your courses which are the best in the market for someone looking to start a business from home without a huge outlay - I only wished I knew about them years ago!  For years I'd been looking for a part-time home business to make extra money and I found it with your course - I love it!  

Cynthia Key

Melbourne Australia


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Bonus #1: Skyrocket Your Resume Template Sales With Simple “Extras” People Find Irresistible! 

Include these specific free extras with your resume template offers & watch your sales explode!!

Here's the scoop...There are some irresistible 'extras' you can include in your Etsy resume template offers that are simple to create and yet will tremendously boost your conversion rates! 

We're talking simple extras like...

Matching Cover Letter Templates
Free Fonts
Clear Instructions
Resume & Cover Letter Writing Tips
And more!

These free extras will tremendously increase the perceived value of your offers and really boost your authority as an expert too!! And...They are so simple and fast to create! These extras boost customer confidence too which means lots more sales!!!!

This bonus guide shows you how to create a valuable bundle of extras that your customers will love!... And... You can include the same "extras" bundle with all your resume template offers!

Create once....Sell forever!!!

Bonus #2: Grab More Buyers! How To Create Stunning Etsy Images That Are Irresistible! (No Camera Needed...Ever!!) 

Your Etsy image is about the most important aspect of your listing there is!

It needs to grab attention and inspire confidence.

Your Etsy images are what get people clicking onto your listings...and then gets them buying!!

In this cutting edge bonus guide, you'll discover the simple secrets to creating stunning Etsy images (fast and easy) that will be the envy of your competition and get you more sales faster!!

Turn images like these...

Into images like these!!!

Bonus #3: More Free Buyer Traffic!! Using Instagram and/or Pinterest to Double or Quadruple Your Sales! 

You'll already get plenty of free buyer traffic from Etsy...Now do you want even more free buyer traffic??

Of course!!...Who doesn't?

In this easy to follow bonus guide, you'll discover how to use either Instagram or Pinterest (or both!!) to bring in even more buyer traffic for your resume templates!

Look....If you've already created your templates and listed them, the hard part (actually not so hard at all!) is done!! Why not bring in more buyers to these same offers and get an even bigger windfall??

Don't leave your eggs in one basket!! Instead of just getting sales from Etsy, why not also get sales from Instagram & Pinterest too! (or at least have the option!)

This guide reveals the secrets to getting lazer targeted buyer traffic from both Instagram & Pinterest with minimum time and minimum effort!

Bonus #4: Discover More Places You Can Sell Your Resume Templates Online Besides Just Etsy!!

In your free bonus guide #4 we reveal five more places where you can offer your high profit resume templates with no website needed!! Multiple (free) platforms means multiple income streams!!

Having created your resume templates why stop at listing them on just one marketplace when you can simply duplicate your listings on 5 more?

So, you get all this...


Free email support!

Free updates & ongoing tips!

The best 60 day iron clad zero risk guarantee in the business!

As we said, we could easily charge you $97 for this complete package… But we won't.  And at $47, this would be an absolute steal… But we won’t even ask that… We won’t even ask you for $37

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With our 60 day no questions asked guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

If you have any questions or need support don't hesitate to drop us a line at; support@stuart-turnbull.com we promise a fast response!

Sincerely Yours,


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